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Innovative visual designer seeking to use my creativity, technical skill, and marketing proficiency to generate influential content. A lifelong artist with proficiency in numerous mediums, including watercolor painting, photography, and video. Expertly utilize graphic design software and equipment to bring my ideas to life. Prefer to develop designs consumers find meaningful on multiple levels. Engage in frequent market research to accurately determine the preferences of target customers.


I spend my leisure time at Cafés drinking lots of coffee, idea development, playing with cats and reading.

  • Fullname: Narges Ataee Ahsani
  • Birth Date: August 14, 1995
  • Job: Marketing Expert
  • Website: nargessi.ir
  • Email: ataeeahsani@gmail.com


My base skills include visual designing, illustrating, and marketing. I also, have working experience as marketing expert, content generator, visual designer, and social media manager.

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Layout
  • Digital Marketing
  • Branding

More of my credentials.

Work Experience

Marketing Expert, Content Creator

November 2019 - Present


  • Single-handedly designed all user-facing graphic designs, and also performed in content creating team, successfully connecting various aspects of social responsibilities together to a unified layout pattern Interpreted distant matters, translating into accessible designs and content. Emphasized brand continuity across various media such as Flat Illustrations and graphics, informational literature, and social media posts and campaigns.
  • Created the company’s brand book, unifying brand visual patterns, and tone of voice
  • Successfully completed multiphase projects on the lowest budgets
  • Credited with delivering robust, focused design concept promoting social responsibility and gamifying repeating contents.
  • Created strategies and timelines, facilitating the team concordance.

Visual Designer, Marketing Expert

Summer 2019


  • Designed branding materials (logo, business cards, and brochures)
  • Formed the company's brand book based on branding guidelines and Color Theory which guided the creation of application, website and other products of the company.
  • Developed 50+ graphic design artifacts (brochures, flyers, infographics, advertisements, guidelines)
  • Managed mediums by creating strategies and timelines, generating content (visual and textual) and tracking down data which improved clients' awareness and gained early adaptors.

Marketing Expert

December 2016 - April 2019

Miare Co

  • Developed, rendered, and expanded all the visual requirements of the brand throughout the first year of launch.
  • Collaborated with tech and sales team to develop artwork for marketing initiatives. Conceived original designs and marketing concepts used in brochures, pamphlets, fliers, and even decorating the office. Contributed to customer-facing publicity campaigns, and assisting marketing manager with photo shoots, 2-D graphic design and content creation. Designed and executed a fail proof plan for the company to communicate with it's network's labor side, yielding a better labor satisfaction and a better quality of service as a result.
  • Selected Achievements:

  • Contributed to creation of engaging and dynamic educational materials for training internal and external team members
  • Presented creative design strategy to various groups and fostered consensus across all stakeholders
  • Designed the company’s primary branding materials logo, business cards, and brochures
  • Created the company's brand book based on branding guidelines and Color Theory which guided the creation of application, website, visual content in several mediums that led to a huge improvement of company's inner communication, and any other product of the company
  • Developed 100+ graphic design projects brochures, logos, infographics, advertisements that have increased client transactions by an average of 25%
  • Managed 10+ mediums by creating strategies, generating contents and tracking down data social media visual and textual content and which improved clients' awareness
  • Managed 10+ mediums by creating strategies, generating contents (social media visual and textual content) and tracking down data which improved clients' awareness.

Graphic Designer

July 2015 - April 2016

Avaanegar messenger

  • Created visual elements of the Chaapaarak chat client and screen decorations.
  • Designed requirements of a multiplayer online Android game (user interface, characters, icon-set, animations, etc).

Freelance Projects

Web UI Designer

Autumn 2016


Redesigned Hamisun call management company's website based on latest design trends which led to notable increase of the average time spent by users on website.

Game UI Designer

Summer 2016

Rang o Sang

Designed a Tetris game for Android


Bachelor of Arts in Painting

January 2015 - Present

Soore Art University

Creative mastermind since birth, but I did go to Soore Art University to seal the deal. B.A in Painting Relevant Coursework: Color Theory, Photography, Illustrating, drawing and sketching.

UI/UX Design

January 2018 - March 2018

Rahnema College

A six-week UI/UX Design course in Rahnema College. The goal of this course was to improve the UI/UX design skills of attendees in a team-centric manner. Title of workshops: UX Strategy, Design Thinking, User Behavior Analytics, Information Architecture, Gamification, User Flow, User Journey Designing, and Documentation.


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